App Studio

An advanced visual designer with intuitive drag and drop support makes it very simple to create mobile business forms, objects or tasks. This visual app development studio translates your design to native code on mobile devices instantly.

  • Intuitive drag and drop designer.
  • Define complex business and data rules.
  • Configure external data sources.
  • Render lists as tabular items or map markers.

Mobile First

Mobile first functionality – The platform goes beyond extending your legacy web applications to the mobile. A host of advanced mobile controls ensure a rich U/X (User Experience).

  • Image and video capture through camera.

  • Location data through GPS and Cell Tower.

  • Map view and spatial data representation.

  • Bar code and QR code readers that decode camera images.

Business Workflows

Design and host complex business workflows on this extensible platform. Business workflows that need multi-level approvals from superiors can be quickly created through wizards that integrate with your legacy systems that host a decision matrix.

  • Initiate dynamic workflows for different forms.
  • Integrate decision matrix from legacy systems.
  • Receive tasks intimations through push notifications.
  • Perform n-level approvals either in sequence or parallel.

Data Integration

Enterprise connectors and configurable data integration through simple wizards make it easy to extend your current infrastructure to the mobile within minutes.

  • 2 way REST service integration with SOA applications.
  • Integrates with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL databases and many more.
  • Out of the Box Connectors for Off-The-Shelf applications like CRM, ERP and HRM.
  • Orchestration capabilities that support data exchange and data transformation.

Device Interfaces

Mobile apps created on the platform can inherently communicate with external devices like thermal printers, biometric or payment devices to extend its capabilities. Communication can be established using Bluetooth, NFC or Wireless.

  • Integrate thermal printers to print receipts for your transactions.
  • Accept credit card payments and create a mobile POS.
  • Ensure authentication and identification using biometric.
  • Read data from medical devices or an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) connected to your vehicle.


Multiple levels of security are built in to the platform to ensure that data moving outside the enterprise boundary is not compromised. Security policies further strengthen the controls that you can have in place to avoid security breaches.

  • Data encryption at the device level.
  • Data secured over SSL on the transmission channel.
  • Security policies to lock out users when unauthorized usage is detected.
  • Authenticated user enrolment and device identity.

Work Offline

Users can seamlessly work on the mobile application in an offline mode in areas with poor or no network coverage. The offline mode keeps the application response times consistent, ensuring a better user experience.

  • Works in Airplanes, Remote Areas and Wi-Fi only devices.
  • Automatically synchronizes data and updates.
  • Intelligent data caching for offline access.
  • Define data retention policies to control offline storage.

Device Analytics

Gain complete insight into devices running your mobile application and apply this information to strengthen your enterprise mobility strategy. Enrich your business process with information about the devices and their capabilities.

  • Capture unique device identification numbers.
  • Track location co-ordinates against each user action.
  • Analyze mobile device and operating system details.
  • Monitor system details like battery or memory availability.

Cross Platform

Supports a wide variety of mobile devices, screen resolutions and platforms, while maintaining the native user experience. Design your mobile application once and deploy on multiple mobile platforms.

  • Native applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

  • Maintains native look and feel for a superior user experience.

  • No platform specific customization required.

  • Supports different screen resolutions and devices like the mobile phone and tablet.


Cloud or On-Premise

Flexible deployment options to suit your business scenarios. You may choose to deploy the solution on-premise or on the cloud without compromising on the security.

  • Deploy on the cloud or on-premise.
  • Secure communication with legacy systems over SSL.
  • Flexible licensing to suit your business requirement.
  • Supports enterprise and public app stores.

Mobilize your workforce within minutes!